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Turkish Coffee Reading: Introduction to Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

Turkish Coffee Fortune Telling

Turkish Coffee fortune telling that has been used as a method of prophecy has some ground rules. Those rules are not written in books, and can’t be learned by reading scholarly articles. The best way to learn how to read a fortune is by our mothers, our aunts. If you’re wondering how to read Turkish […]

Turkish Food & Baverages

Turkish Foods - Baverages

Turkish Tea by CAYKUR | Earl Grey, Green, Organic, Black Tea ÇAYKUR is the leading tea producer of Turkey and is state owned. With plantations in the northeastern city of Rize by the Black sea coast, Caykur tea produces more than half of all Turkish tea consumed in Turkey, which is the highest per capital in […]

False Facts About Turkish Coffee

False Facts About Turkish Coffee

Özdemir Pasha, the governor of Yemen, loves the coffee he drinks for the first time in his life and brings it to Istanbul in 1543. Yemen coffee meets the Turkish culture and a new coffee, which is delicious, tasty, foamy, and known as Turkish Coffee emerges. Turkish people love the Turkish coffee a lot, internalizes […]

How to make Turkish Coffee?

Turkish Coffee Making

Make Turkish coffee easily. What are the tips? You need, for One Cup of Turkish Coffee (Mildly Sweetened): Cold potable water of one cup It is better to use unchlorinated water with a soft taste even though the difference is hardly remarkable by anybody. One full dessert spoon of Turkish coffee One cube sugar or […]