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Extra Large Turkish Coffee Pot

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  • Traditional Copper Turkish Coffee Pot
  • Extra Large Size (for 5-6 cups of coffee)
  • Handmade, hand hammered

Every copper pot is hand made by experienced artisans in Turkey. This coffee makers are made with heavy thick copper and they are tin lined inside for durability and ease of cleaning.

They are easy to care them. Before first use, you should shake it with vinegar and water and after a while you should repeat that. In addition after using this, you should clean it with a soft, damp cloth.

Extra Large Turkish Coffee Pot, Greek Arabic Coffee Maker, Hand Hammered Copper Cezve, Ibrik, Briki

If you can use it to make Turkish coffee, it’ll be so good. In addition you can also use it for decoration. It is also an excellent gift idea for any coffee lovers.

TURKISH COFFE POT, it’s all made of copper. Outside is hammered, completely handmade.

PERFECT for Turkish Coffee Pot, Greek Coffee Pot, Arabic Coffee Pot, Briki, Milk Pot, Small Sauce Pan or Butter Melter.

SPECIAL DESIGN, strong and ergonomic handle, food safe tin lining inside.


  • 100% handcrafted copper body,
  • Extra Large Size
  • Traditional style, handmade by copper artisans in Anatolia,
  • Tin lined inside for safe cooking,
  • Brass handle to reduce heat conductance and protect your hands,

Why copperware?

Surely authenticity is not the only reason. Copperware has been preffered in kitchens by many for its providing safe and healthy cooking. High heat conductivity of copper provides an easy and fast cooking.

Specifications & Measurements & Contents


Extra Large

  • Width: 6cm (2.36 in)
  • Height: 6cm (2.36 in)
  • Handle length: 11cm (4.33 in)
  • 405 ml / 13.69 ounces for five cups of coffee

Set of 5

  • Do not leave a food and drink and wash them after use.
  • Do not boil your pot dry.
  • Do not use metallic utensils to stir your coffee. Use only wooden or plastic spoons.
  • Use a medium or low heat on stovetop. Copper pot needs to be exposed heat from bottom directly.
  • It is easy to clean. You can rinse and dry after each use.
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher.
  • For cleaning dishcloth or sponge is the best. Never use abrasive cleaning materials like scouring pads or metal scrapers on your coffee pot.
  • Before using wash your new coffee maker in warm water with a mild soap or dish detergent.
  • Handle can get hot, please use oven mitts.

Additional information

Weight 500 g




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