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Sinbo Stainless Steel Inox Turkish Coffee Machine Cezve Pot

$ 41.00$ 72.00

Sinbo Stainless Steel Turkish Coffee Maker

  • 4-5 Turkish Coffee cups capacity
  • SCM 2943
  • SCM 2916
  • SCM 2932

Sinbo Stainless Steel Inox Greek Turkish Coffee Maker Machine Electric Pot Briki Ibrik Jazwa 220V Eu Plug

  • Detachable subsection. Cordless operation and 360 ° rotation capability. 0.4 lt (13.5 oz) 5 coffee cups capacity.
  • Cable Length: 110 cm
  • Illuminated On / Off switch
  • Stainless steel concealed heater. Double safety system against overheating.
  • Made in TURKEY


Please Note: for 110V you must use converter 110V-220V. The product does not include 110-220V converter.

Making Turkish Coffee

  • You can make Turkish coffee for up to 4 people at once.
  • Fill the appliance with cold water for people you’ll make Turkish coffee (max 4 people).
  • If you need to make medium-sugar coffee, put 1 coffee cup of water, 1 tablet sugar and a heaping full scale of Turkish coffee.
  • Plug your appliance and turn it on.
  • At this time, mix your coffee a few times using a tea spoon.
  • When the coffee starts to rise slightly, turn the appliance off and pour a little coffee into the cup (for foam).
  • Turn it on again. When your coffee rises again, put the remaining coffee into the coffee cup.
  • You can prepare coffee with different amounts of coffee and sugar for your taste.

Additional information

Weight 2500 g

SCM 2943, SCM 2916, SCM 2932

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