Turkish Coffee Cups Wholesale

Unique, oriental Ottoman style Turkish coffee cups wholesale.

Turkish Coffee Cups

With matching lids, these striking espresso cups can be used to serve Turkish, Arabic, Armenian or Greek coffee.


  • Porcelain Coffee Cup
  • Copper Cover
  • Copper Plate
  • Copper Lid

Istanbul Collection

Roxolena Collection

Dervish Collection

Queen Collection

Tulip Collection

Pearl Collection

Americano / Cappucino Cups

Ottoman style cups, which draw attention with their special and unique design, are the perfect choice for you both in terms of shape and the flavor it gives to coffee.

Full Capcity 8.5 oz for cappuccino use

Acar Collection

Poppy Collection

Turkish Mirra Cups

Mirra coffee is a stronger, slightly bitter coffee. Word deriving from the Arabic “mur” meaning bitter, is a specialty of the southeastern region of Turkey.

Cup capacity: 2 Oz

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