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TurkishBox presents you modern Turkish style kilim rugs. Thanks to its low pile height, this flat-woven rug is durable and long-lasting. Makes it a great choice for a highly trafficked area like the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, guest room or living room. The kilim rug is made in Turkey and reflecting traditional indigenous designs native to the Anatolian region of the country. This area rug will create a beautiful ambiance in your living area while being super easy to wash, fold, and store.

This Turkish kilim rug of a combination of geometric rugs makes you feel living in Accent time with a sense of old-time romance and modern simple design.

Turkish Kilim Rugs

Medium Kilim Rug | 31×47″

$ 15.00

Turkish Kilim Rugs

Small Kilim Rug | 24×35″

$ 10.00