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Wholesale Turkish ceramics, tiles, pottery from manufacturers. Buy Turkish ceramics online. Wholesale Turkish ceramics, tiles, pottery from manufacturers.

Buy Turkish ceramics online. Handmade mugs, coffee cups, bowls and more…

These ceremic products are individually hand painted, they have slight variations to one another, such as patterns, coloration.

This is a handicraft based on manifacturing of bowl, dish, plate, vase, pitcher etc or decorative objects after being fired at 1200 °C by sub glazing technique with applications of traditional figures drawings and painting on them, following shaping after praparation of the earth with clay. Do not compare our products with the products whose pattern is printed or pasted. When you touch the plates, you feel the patterns in your hand.

Turkish Ceramics

Ceramic Ashtray with Lid


Turkish Ceramics

Ceramic Ashtrays – DANTEL


Turkish Ceramics

Ceramic Ashtrays – FIRUZE


Turkish Ceramics

Ceramic Coffee Mugs


Turkish Ceramics

Ceramic Elephants


Turkish Ceramics

Ceramic Milk Pots


Turkish Ceramics

Ceramic Plate/Bowl Set of 4


Turkish Ceramics

Ceramic Spoon Rests


Turkish Ceramics

Ceramic Turkish Tea Pots


Turkish Ceramics

Large Beer Mugs


Turkish Ceramics

Napkin Holders


Turkish Ceramics

S Shaped Appetizers


Turkish Ceramics

Small Ceramic Bowls


Turkish Ceramics

Spice Jars with Lid


Turkish Ceramics

Turkish Ceramic Plates


TurkishBOX is a Turkish Ceramic Wholesaler brand that combines quality and best price in the peshtemal world and this makes its difference to its customers. Turkish ceramics, which are the ancestors of thick and heavy ceramics, have been used in Turkish kitchens for a long time. In addition to kitchens, Turkish ceramics, which stand out with their useful and decorative properties, also attract attention with their patterns and colors in living rooms, restaurants. You should meet the old-style new generation ceramics and bring their creative to your customers.